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STARTING IN 2016-2017 ACADEMIC YEAR: Emerging Scholar Program for Master of Arts in Human Rights (International Program)

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About the Scholarship

The Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies (IHRP) is currently accepting applications for its newly established Master of Arts in Human Rights (International Program) Emerging Scholar Program. The IHRP Emerging Scholar will have a background in and commitment to the study and practice of international human rights. They will also possess a demonstrated interest in pursuing career related to international human rights. In this inaugural year, one student will be selected as the Emerging Scholar. The scholar will be expected to fulfill all course and thesis requirements within 18 months from commencement of the program.

The scholarship is intended for students from developing countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

The Role of IHRP Emerging Scholars

First and foremost the recipient of the scholarship will be expected to focus on the academically rigorous course requirements of the MA Human Rights (International Program). Additionally, as a promising leader in the human rights field, the IHRP Emerging Scholar will have the opportunity to play a vital role in the daily life of the Institute. Scholars will have the chance to assist on various IHRP activities and programs of the Institute, and will be able to work closely with affiliated faculty members on human rights-related research and other academic activities.


Applicants eligible to be considered for this scholarship must

  • meet admissions requirements for the MA Human Rights (International Program);
  • and be judged capable of finishing coursework and defending a thesis within 18 months.
  • Very strong English skills

Required Qualifications

  • Demonstration of strong academic achievements
  • Proven commitment to research in the area of human rights (through paid and/or volunteer work)
  • Excellent writing ability
  • PRIORITY is given to residents or citizens of developing countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America

Scholarship Amount

The scholarship allows for reduced tuition and thesis fees (4,200 Baht per credit to 1,200 Baht per credit each term and a 50 % of the cost of the thesis fee). There is no living allowance.

For more details about cost of study please visit: http://www.ihrp.mahidol.ac.th/index.php/en/tuition-and-fees/22-master-program

Application Requirements

Please follow application requirements for the M.A. (International Programme) at http://www.ihrp.mahidol.ac.th/index.php/en/academic-admissions/requirements. Please also note that applicants do not need to send a separate scholarship application form, but please indicate “The Emerging Scholar Program” under section Financial Details in the application form.


The Emerging Scholar Program will commence for Academic Year 2016/2017. Deadline: March 31, 2016.

Further information regarding the MA Human Rights (International Program)